What is “True King?”


“True King” is a hand-painted 3D turn-based strategy RPG for PC platforms. The kingdom has been taken, the rightful king murdered, and his children and rightful heir drowned in the nearby river. Years later, the tyrannical king realizes the curse of the royal family, as the child is reincarnated over and over, determined to take the throne back.

  • Play as the rightful heir, lead the villages against their royal captors, and prepare to seize back the kingdom. A open-world 3D environment, with turn-based strategy gameplay to free each village from the royal guard.
  • Stay in favor of the people, or they will not support your quest and not see you as the rightful king. If you perish, be reincarnated again years later, and observe¬†how the kingdom changes from your actions.
  • Hand-painted (digitally) characters and environments, pioneering new character animation techniques.


Currently in development for release in 2017.


Developer / Contact Info:

Developed by Dust Scratch Games.

Contact: contact@fromdustscratch.com